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System Sensor

System Sensor is another company that is part of the Honeywell group. They are recognised by fire alarm companies as one of the leading players within the fire safety sector.

Like all of the companies that RV Fire Systems work with their product quality is irrefutable. As part of the Honeywell group, they have the added backing of an organisation with and incredible reputation both for getting things right, as well as  great customer service support.

System Sensor is the largest supplier of conventional fire alarm systems that are used commercially.

By distributing their products through partnerships with companies like ourselves, who specialise in fire safety engineering – they know they are developing a distribution network of companies who hold the same basic beliefs when it comes to quality and customer service.

System Sensor is  the perfect partner for us because there is never any problem when it come to after sales support for ourselves and our customers. System Sensor understands that without offering this type of support they would not be where they are today.

This is a company who ensure that their products are marketed in the most effective ways possible whilst keeping everything completely ethical, transparent and responsible.

If you really are serious about purchasing the best and most technically advanced fire detectors around today, then you need to make sure you choose System Sensor because they are the right choice and the market leaders.

System Sensor is one of the largest analogue addressable fire alarm system manufacturers in the world, which makes them the perfect partners for us to work with and be a supplier of their products to our customers. System Sensor consolidated their position as a worldwide leader for technology with the best manufacturing quality you can get today. The state of the art manufacturing facilities used is complemented by a global network of fire safety systems integration and distribution partners like us at RV Fire Systems.