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Clitheroe Disabled Refuge

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Fire safety affects everyone. Sometimes a building has occupants who cannot be safely evacuated in the event of a fire by conventional routes. These groups include the elderly and infirm and wheelchair users. The way to resolve some of these issues and keep people safe is by using a disabled refuge.

Clitheroe Disabled Refuge Systems

A disabled refuge is an area, usually part of the usual fire safety evacuation route, which has been specially designed to withstand fire for a specified period of time. It provides a safe place for Clitheroe people to wait while the fire and rescue services can attend with specialist equipment to evacuate the from a burning building. A disabled refuge is important because when there is a fire, lifts should not be used as if the electricity supply fails they could become jammed between floors and trap people inside. A Clitheroe disabled refuge is, therefore, an important feature of a stairwell in a multi-storey building.

RV Fire Systems Clitheroe

RV Fire systems can supply Clitheroe businesses with the signage and equipment for a disabled refuse. This includes specially designed fire activation call points and communication systems. We can also specify, supply and fit all of the equipment that is needed for an effective and safe disabled refuge area. Clitheroe disabled refuge systems are not all: we also supply fire safety products such as fire alarm activation call points, fire extinguishers of every type, fire door closers and retainers and thousands of other intelligent fire safety products. As officially appointed distributors of Notifier by Honeywell, SMS by Honeywell and wireless radio fire alarm systems from Electro-Detectors, Clitheroe customers can trust RV Fire Systems Clitheroe with everything to do with protecting people from fire.

Your First Call For Clitheroe Fire Safety Products

Whatever your needs, from fire alarm equipment to BS5839 fire alarm certification. RV Fire Systems Clitheroe are here to help you. For more information on our Clitheroe Disabled Refuges call us on 01200 439333