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Globex Evac Chairs

RV Fire Systems know that fire safety is vital which is why we make sure you have the best when you choose us.

We work with renowned companies so that you know you are safe – one of these is Globex Evac Chairs.

globex_evac_chairWhen it comes to fire system design there is a common misunderstanding that everyone has – this is that it is the responsibility of the emergency services to make sure that everyone evacuates from the building safely but it actually isn’t.

In many countries including the UK, there is a legal requirement for employers to make sure that if an emergency arises any people within their premises can safely evacuate even if they are mobility impaired.

Globex Evacuation Chairs provide the best, cost-effective and safe solution to ensure that anyone who isn’t able to get out themselves can get out with the help of another person and our chair.

This means the mobility impaired person can be taken up or down stairs. Fire safety advisors say that lifts should never be used when there is a fire-related emergency, or if there is power failure or during simple lift maintenance.

The whole range of Globex Evacuation Chairs can also be used to help transfer people to an ambulance or assist with a medical issue where a person can’t move without assistance.

We at RV not only chose to work with Globex because of their outstanding evacuation chairs, but because they believe that customers should always come first like us.

Globex has always listened to their customers and then tailored their products to the needs that the customers highlight. This is excellent customer service.

Throughout the process of selecting a Globex Evacuation chair you should have constant support from the fire alarm company  that it installing your system so you know all the information about the product you are choosing, get the right help to install it and have continued aftercare of the same quality.