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RV Fire Systems take great pains to source only the best products and manufacturers, which is why we are happy to be working closely with Geofire.

Geofire is manufacturers of a large range of electromagnetic door holders and other activation devices that are commonly used as part of a fire system design for fire security or ventilation system. These all range from fire door holders and closers to smoke curtain releasers and even shutter locks.

The products Geofire produce enable fire doors to be legally held in an open position which clearly gives easy access through the building  that is needed until there is a fire or life threatening situation at which point the doors will automatically be released.

One of their most popular products is a wire free salamander – this is a system of battery powered, electromagnetic fire door holders that are linked by radio signals to a central controller.


They are robustly designed for any wall; ceiling or floor mounting and have a variety of finishes to suit you and the building it is needed for. The high quality of the finish that these products have ensure that there is little or no servicing required once a professional fire alarm company installer has fitted the product. This is fantastic because it means there isn’t anything for you to worry about with these products.

RV Fire Systems are proud to work with such an excellent company who do have amazing fire safety products that are advanced technologically because that means our customers are getting the best they possibly can.

Geofire provides many different products for new and old buildings. For the newer buildings both us and Geofire suggest their conventional wired versions. If you are completing a refurbishment, we both recommend Geofire’s wire free salamander door holder range.

All of the team at Geofire are extremely passionate about the company and the products they produce because they want to give the customers the best and are very keen to share their passion with them.