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RV Fire Systems believe that the way to give our customers the best is to work with the best – which is why we became distributors of Jalite fire safety signs.

Jalite was established way back in 1983 to develop materials that were photoluminescent – specifically for fire and safety applications.

Since Jalite first began, the world has experienced a great many tragedies that have meant the need for escape route signage that are independent to the traditional electrical lighting systems has skyrocketed.

The photoluminescent safety products that Jalite offer now include fire safety signs, health and safety signs and signs that guide people. They use photoluminescent paint and photoluminescent safety tapes. All of the component products used are there to illuminate boldly, completely identify and locate emergency equipment in power loss situations.


When you think about it, these photoluminescent products are extremely clever and one of the best ways to keep people safe.

The market for these products has unsurprisingly rocketed to a new high over the past few years.

Jalite have come up with many innovative products to increase their range and continue to develop products for specific life-saving applications which are of great credit to them and the work that they have done.

Having your products used to save lives and in emergency situations shows how much faith people and companies put into them and you as a company. This is another reason we at RV Fire Systems knew we had to be official distributors of Jalite products.

We knew that if their customer service was even as half as good as their products themselves then they would work perfectly with us.

Jalite always maintains a fantastic relationship with their customers because they believe that they deserve the best customer service to go with products that are world class.

All good fire alarm companies should be able to supply a range of  fire safety signs to be displayed prominently throughout your premises.