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Clitheroe Emergency Lighting

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There are so many options for fire safety systems that Clitheroe customers can find it hard to choose the right products for their building. RV Fire Systems Clitheroe are here to help, with a wide range of Clitheroe Emergency Lighting Systems to suit any application. Whatever you need, if it’s related to fire safety then RV Fire Systems Clitheroe can help you.

Clitheroe Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is important for fire safety as when a fire takes hold; smoke can quickly fill all enclosed spaces. When the room is filled with thick smoke, it might be impossible for people to find their way to safety. Fire can also cause the light fixings to fail and plunge a building into darkness. That is where Clitheroe emergency lighting comes in: it works by battery if the power is cut, and it comes on when a fire alarm is activated to light the safe routes to your fire exits. It is an essential fire safety addition in any building where people work, and also in multi-occupancy dwellings. If you operate a commercial or industrial building then having a working Clitheroe emergency lighting system fitted is a legal requirement. Emergency lighting also includes the illuminated green fire exit signs that must be installed at the final point of exit from a building.

RV Fire Systems Clitheroe

We supply a huge range of Clitheroe emergency lighting systems including:
  • Bulkheads
  • LED emergency lighting
  • Twin Spot emergency light units
  • Emergency lighting batteries
  • Illuminated emergency exit signs
  • Emergency lighting test keys
  • Emergency light test log books
As well as thousands of other intelligent fire safety products for our Clitheroe customers: we are official distributors of fire alarm systems: SMS and Notifier by Honeywell and Wireless Radio Fire Alarm Systems from Electro-Detectors.

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