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RV Fire Systems like to offer our customers only the best which is why we chose to work with Powersonic.

Powersonic is a leading, well-known manufacturer of valve regulated lead acid rechargeable batteries, that are often used in fire alarm systems. They have been supplying their wide range of products to various industries and markets all over the world for well over 40 years.

They manufacture VRLA batteries including:

  • PS Range
  • PG Range
  • PSGL Series
  • PSX Series
  • OPzV Range
  • Bespoke Battery Packs

Powersonic batteries are available everywhere thanks to the extensive network of distributors they have all over the world.

The powersonic group was established back in the 70’s and has since developed into an outstanding business and leading global suppliers of VRLA rechargeable batteries. In 1986, Powersonic expanded even further setting up Powersonic Europe Limited in England – this meant better service to the European and Middle East markets for portable power. This move proved to be a massive boost for the company.

The focus within the Powersonic corporate section is on the VRLA batteries being well designed and expertly manufactured. They also ensure that the distribution of the cost-effective Powersonic brand of VRLA batteries is tailored so that they can reach everyone with their product.

Powersonic are one of the best-known and most popular brands in the rechargeable battery industry; their reputation really speaks for itself.

The products Powersonic produces are used by numerous industries including:

  • Fire Alarm Companies
  • Security Alarm installers
  • UPS/Standby power
  • Emergency lighting
  • Renewable Energy
  • Mobility
  • General Electronics

RV Fire Systems’ working relationship with Powersonic is a good one because they have the same ethos as us when it comes to their customer service.

Powersonic believe that customer service is just as important as the products they sell. This is because every customer deserves to get the same standards that you would expect for yourself.  Word of mouth to other potential customers is where a large portion of the companies business comes from, so we need to make the right impression from the start.