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RV Fire Systems like many fire alarm companies need to have the assurance that our customers are getting the quality they deserve – this is why we linked up with C-Tec.

C-Tec were established back in 1981 and have been leaders in their field right from the very beginning.

The company is a leading UK manufacturer when it comes to quality life safety electronic equipment.  C-Tec has  a fantastic portfolio which shows why we chose to be a distributor for them.

Their portfolio of products includes:

* fire alarm control panels of the highest quality

* Smoke detectors

*advanced voice alarm systems

* power supplies

* disabled refuge systems

* nurse call systems

* advanced audio-frequency induction with loop systems

When you are looking for quality in fire safety equipment, then C-Tec are a company that can provide it and now so can RV Fire Systems.

When it comes to the important things like having the best equipment that is cost-effective, but doesn’t compromise on quality – C-Tec is  the best around. The products available are expertly designed by a fantastic, reliable team.

All of the fire alarm, voice alarm, call systems and induction loop products are expertly manufactured using amazing, state-of-the-art production techniques.  All of this helps C-Tec to guarantee excellent product quality all of the time and equipment that is consistently fit for the intended purpose of keeping people safe.

Another way in which C-Tec connect with their customers is by guaranteeing them the best service around because they believe it is extremely important.

For C-Tec, their customer service starts from as soon as someone enquires about the products they provide.  The team at C-Tec make sure that the are there for their customers whilst they are choosing which products they would like to have installed. They then are on hand during the installation to answer any questions their customers may have. It doesn’t stop there either; the aftercare that C-Tec offers are some of the best we at RV have seen, and that reminds us of our customer service.

RV Fire systems also conducts onsite fire training so that everyone understands their responsibilities and what they should do in case of fire.