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RV Fire Systems make a point of seeking  good working relationship with first-class fire safety product companies.

Kentec-electronics-logoWe have been working with Kentec and were very happy that they chose us to be one of their official distributors.

Kentec established themselves over 25 years ago and have had one philosophy the whole way through – “To offer its customers excellent products, a comprehensive range and unrivalled, quality service.”

This is why we were delighted to be working with them because we believe in giving our customers the best too.

Kentec is continuously improving their products as they have gone along. The product development is taken very seriously, and they have invested in state of the art machinery to keep them up there with leaders in their field.

The company offers a comprehensive range of conventional, analogue addressable fire alarm systems and extinguishant control panels.

The in-house development of the software used in their fire safety products along with the maintenance they do are an integral part of the organisation. Kentec is then allowed to offer many different language variants for mainline products – helping their distributors too.

Kentec utilises many years experience to offering their customers and in turn our customers, exceptional technical support. This includes telephone assistance, emails that give you technical support and specific customer training. In addition to this RV fire Systems also provide a number of fire safety training options.

RV Fire Systems elated to be working with Kentec and to be supplying our customers with their range of technologically advanced products.

The team at Kentec are like ourselves, they always put their customers first. This is why they have a very sophisticated system in place for when they log calls. It provides Kentec with information that is up to date whilst giving accurate analysis of any calls they have taken.

We believe that with continued progress in our relationship with Kentec, our customers will gain considerable benefits for the future. Many fire alarm companies do not offer the level of after care that we at RV Fire Systems feel should be the norm.