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RV Fire Systems enjoy partnering with a number of market leading companies such as Hyfire.

HyfireThe Hyfire wireless fire detectors and fire alarm systems are the UK’s leading EN54 compliant system and has naturally become the choice for so many different fire alarm companies and distributors.

This product provided by Hyfire is the preferred wireless product for numerous high street banks and universities across the country – which just shows how trustworthy and well-known their reputation has become.

City councils and government departments also like to use Hyfire because they know that they can trust them to keep their buildings and their staff safe as well as being economical.

RV Fire Systems like to work with companies who share the same values as we do and take customers and customer service extremely seriously.

Hyfire’s customers vary in size from small family homes to major shopping centres – covering all different sectors of industry and commerce.

The support offered to Hyfire customer service is outstanding, they pride themselves on providing the best support to anyone who has one of their products – whether they are choosing a product from Hyfire or already have one.

Hyfire is part of Sterling  fire safety systems and is committed to providing customers with practical and commercial advantages along with the latest technological advances – which they are working on day in and day out.

The company knows that no matter how good your products are, any business can only succeed if they have the right people on board. That means everything from in-house staff to the merchants they use. Hyfire staff and distributors have many years’ experience between them in both fire detection and the newer technology of wireless communication.

Combining this with their can-do attitude makes Hyfire the perfect partnership for RV Fire Systems.