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FFE makes the best which is why RV Fire Systems are suppliers and fire alarm installers of FFE products. So we know our customers are getting the best.

FFE – or Fire Fighting Enterprises as they’re known – are one of the leading specialists when it comes to fire safety, and their reputation is fantastic all over the world.

FFE is one of the world’s largest independent manufacturer of the infrared optical beam smoke detectors which are known for their quality throughout the fire safety industry.

FFE So far FFE have sold more than half-a-million of the beam smoke detectors – this shows how much word of mouth and trust can help sell an amazing product which is so technologically advanced is beats its nearest rival easily.

The products provided by FFE are designed and engineered to industry standards, the manufacturing of the beam is done to exactly the same. They are done to such an exacting standard that they have attained product type approval in Europe, US, China, France and Russia – along with many more.

FFE products are offered include end-to-end, reflective and explosion proof beam detectors, all of which are provided with a brilliant and comprehensive warranty so you have that extra little piece of mind when it comes to your fire safety systems.

As well as offering customers beam detectors, Fire Fighting Enterprises is also a leading force in the manufacture and supply of world class fire extinguishers for the aviation market. This shows you just how highly this company is regarded throughout the different sectors. The comprehensive range of products includes handheld cabin and cargo compartment extinguishers. Not only that, but FFE offer automatic lavatory compartment extinguishers also.

RV Fire Systems were completely bowled over by how seriously, and professionally FFE take the satisfaction of customers with their products – just as seriously as the take their products themselves.

Fire Fighting Enterprises help you choose what is right for you by giving you all of the information you need and then give you the same level of care if you have any issues going forward.