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RV Fire Systems work with the best and only the best because we want that for our customers.

Howler is  one of the finest fire safety companies in the field they are leaders when it comes to the technology of the products they produce.

HowlerThe range of battery operated fire safety systems produced by Howler has one vital message for  everyone who has them – get out!

In the terrible event of a fire, this needs to be communicated completely. Every Howler begins its existence making sure it is complete perfect and will save lives – we are extremely conscious that each device may save a life, so we need to make sure they are all perfect.

Each and every Howler that is created needs to be 100% reliable so that fire alarm installers and end users can be sure that when needed it will save lives.

The family of Howlers is growing continuously and the products they make have all been developed in direct response to the needs to the customers served by Howler fire products.

The aim of a Howler is to get the message out to everyone and make sure that it is always fast.

Howler is the perfect partner for us at RV because pursuance of excellence is similar to ourselves. This is because they are always continuously developing as we are.

Howler’s range of fire alarms has been developed over a number of years based on what customers need at the time. Every member of the Howler family offer so many different advantages and molecular structure, but are all built from the same, basic blocks:

  • Reliability
  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Simplicity
  • Adaptability

Behind the Howler range are an even more permanent structure – the team at Howler that creates the fire safety products. All of the customers who have Howler can get complete support every step of the way from selecting a product to purchasing a product and installation followed by exceptional  aftercare as well.

It’s these exact qualities that match Howler with RV Fire Systems so well because we are exactly the same when it comes to our customers and the services we offer them.