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Clitheroe Fire Risk Assessment

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RV Fire Systems have been known as one of the best to help businesses with their fire risk assessment for many years now. We can help you to do your fire risk assessments and also ensure you are able to do them yourself in compliance with the regulatory reform order 2005. Whoever the person responsible for fire risk assessment is, they have a huge and very important job to do, so need to make sure that they can carry it out to the best of their abilities to keep everyone safe.  

Regular Review of Fire Risk Assessment

As the responsible person you must carry out and regularly review your fire risk assessment on the premises you work in on daily basis to keep all of your employees safe. This will then identify what you need to do to prevent fire and keep everybody safe from the dangers of fire.this will undoubtedly include if representatives from fire alarm companies attend to work on any part of your system. RV Fire Systems as in accordance with the regulatory reform order 2005 can teach you and show you what you need to consider when completing your fire risk assessment. These include:
  • Emergency routes and exits – along with keeping them paths cleared of rubbish etc.
  • Fire detection and warning systems that are in place
  • Firefighting equipment e.g.: Fire Extinguishers
  • The removal or safer storage of any dangerous substances you may have on the premises
  • The needs of any vulnerable people you may have working for your company or coming onto the premises e.g.: the elderly, younger children or those with disabilities
  • Providing information to employees and other people on the premises
  • Staff fire safety training
At RV Fire Systems we know that some things can be confusing when the rules and regulations can change quite quickly – and fire safety can be one of those that’s hard to keep up with but by using the regulatory reform order 2005 we know we can help you.