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Clitheroe Fixed Flooding Systems

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Fire safety simply cannot be ignored. Most Clitheroe people are aware of the basics of fire detection and prevention. Fire alarm call points are a familiar sight in many buildings, and Clitheroe smoke alarms are a common sight. As well as the basic familiar fire systems, there are also more unique applications for Clitheroe fire safety equipment. Some spaces need to have specialist fire protection.

Clitheroe Fixed Flooding Systems

Fixed flooding systems are commonly found in ships, but can also be used in a number of other areas where confined spaces need to be protected. A fixed flooding system protects by completely filling an enclosed space with Carbon Dioxide gas. Because it takes the place of the oxygen that fuels a fir, such a system can quickly extinguish a blaze and protect lives and property.

RV Fire Systems Clitheroe

Fire Safety for our Clitheroe customers is important to us, and so as well as fixed flooding systems, we also sell a wide range of fire protection products including:
  • Emergency Lighting Clitheroe
  • Clitheroe Fire Extinguishers
  • Door Closer & Retainer Systems
  • Disabled Refuge Systems
  • Clitheroe Fire Call Systems
  • Induction Loops
We are officially appointed distributors for fire alarm systems by Honeywell and Electro-Detectors. This is just a drop in the ocean of te thousands of intelligent fire safety products we stock. Whatever you Clitheroe fire detection needs, we are sure that we will be able to fulfil them for you. We also offer a Clitheroe fire safety consultancy service for businesses which includes:
  • Designing Fire Alarm Systems to BS5839
  • Certifying Fire Alarm Systems to BS5839

Your First Call For Clitheroe Fire Safety Products

Fire safety is our speciality at RV Fire Systems Clitheroe. Whatever your fire protection needs, we are here to help you. Just call us for more information on our Clitheroe fixed flooding systems on 01200 439333