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RV Fire Systems  work closely with companies that are similar to us, which is why we joined forces with Firebeam.

The Firebeam is the brainchild of the two company founders and is considered among fire alarm companies as the ultimate beam detector currently available.

Development of the product progressed from the prototype through to the finished Firebeam that you see today and it was long process but with new technology by their side the two founders created the product which has already become such a leader in its field. The Firebeam has gone from strength to strength.

In such a short amount of time, the Firebeam became the beam of choice throughout the fire safety industry and even further afield. Company growth now means the Firebeam is selling in over 35 countries worldwide – protecting lives and property everywhere it is installed. Further development of the product will cover every conceivable requirement and innovation in beam detection.

The team behind The Firebeam Company are a team of highly experienced and qualified individuals who came together to share their vast amount of knowledge in the fields they specialise in. They have it all from electronics and engineering to product design and marketing – they have all the expertise needed to make this product the success it is today.


Beam detection has always been seen as a fairly economical way to protect the larger areas, but it hasn’t always been seen as the most reliable. Building movement and accessibility have made beam detection often unreliable, difficult and time-consuming. It’s also really hard to maintain. Only since the Firebeam has been introduced is reliability no longer a problem. The Firebeams advanced technology means that beam detection can be used with complete and utter confidence, and is now high on the list of fire safety advisors.

The Firebeam self-aligns itself to the centre of the reflector when it is commissioning, and then it will automatically keep the alignment even when building movement takes place. This is the sort of intelligent motorisation that will mean less false alarms that, therefore, saves time and resources along with people’s reputations and ultimately, it saves money.