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Clitheroe BS5839 Advice

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RV Fire Systems pride themselves in making sure that we comply with fire safety regulations under the regulatory reform order 2005 and that we help our customers so that they do the same. The regulatory reform order 2005 replaces most fire safety legislation with one plain and simple order. It means that, any one person who has some level of control in premises must take complete responsibility and make reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire and make sure people can safely escape the premises if there is a fire.

Making Fire Safety Regulation Clearer

We understand that sometimes it may not be very clear when it comes to fire safety how you and your business should go about putting everything in place. RV Fire Systems know that some things can sound so complicated if you are not sure about the topic in question, especially when it is a topic like fire safety in which the rules and regulations can change a bit. As regulatory reform order advisors, which I must point out not all fire alarm companies are, we can help you so that you have everything you need, at your disposable and make sure you can implement everything from the regulatory reform order 2005 so you are in line with all the legalities. The responsible person for fire safety must ensure that the employer of any employees from an outside company who are coming into their workplace are provided with fully comprehensive and relevant information on the risk to said employees and the preventative or protective measures that needs to be taken be the peoples involved as said in the regulatory reform order 2005. RV Fire Systems will make sure our customers have all of the tools they need to make sure they are following all of the rules and regulations in regards to fire safety and the words of the regulatory reform order 2005.