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STI Fire Alarm Equipment

RV Fire Systems like to make sure that their customers get the best that they possibly can when it comes to fire safety, because as we all know making sure your are following the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 on fire safety is extremely important.

RV Fire Systems uses STI Fire Alarm Equipment for many of our customers because if best suites the particular needs and circumstances.

Family Run Business, STI Fire Alarm Equipment


STI is a family owned and operated business that began over thirty years ago with the invention of the stopper pull station protector. Safety technology now markets more than 50 unique products throughout the world to prevent malicious false fire alarms and they theft and vandalism of all the equipment that helps keep us all safe, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

We at RV Fire Systems know that it is not just the products we provide that is important but the services and after care we provide such as fire extinguisher servicing needs to be equally as good if not better, which is why we make sure that all of our customers have all of the right information they need from us to help them and we pride ourselves in giving them the best service we possibly can.

Customer Request Started STI Fire Alarm Equipment

STI created their first product when it came directly at the request of a customer – this customer had a problem with false fire alarms in his high school. Most new products that are made by STI throughout the years have been as a result of a direct request from a possible customer. If you have a false fire alarm, a theft or vandalism issues then that can all be solved with STI Fire alarm equipment.

RV Fire Systems are not just fire alarm installers we like to give our customers the the full package when it comes to fire safety equipment. We pride ourselves on this fact and are industry leaders because of it

We believe that STI Fire alarm equipment is the best around which is why we like to make sure that we can provide this to our customers. No matter what your request is, RV Fire Systems are the ones to help you with all of your fire safety needs.