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Clitheroe Fire Safety Advisors

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At RV Fire Systems we are your advisors on all things fire safety but we need to make sure that when you go away from us, you have your own fire safety advisors who are up to date on all of the rules and regulations as stated in the regulatory reform order 2005. We know that when it comes to fire safety you need to be completely clear on what you have to be doing but sometimes because of all the changes in rules it can be extremely difficult to do so.

Consult with Fire Safety Advisors

As it says in the regulatory reform order 2005, we make sure that our customers know that the responsible person – the fire safety advisor – must provide his employees with comprehensible and relevant information concerning:
  • The risks to them identified by a completed risk assessment
  • Having preventive and protective measures in place
  • Both the procedures and the measures that have been referred to
  • The identity of the fire safety advisor
  • Any risks notified to the fire safety advisor
The fire safety advisors job from any fire alarm companies or other business for that matter can be extremely difficult but if you let RV Fire Systems be your advisor we can make the job a little easier for you. Any fire safety advisors will need to make sure they are fully aware of all of the rules and regulations as per the regulatory reform order 2005, make sure that they know about all of the risk assessments that have been performed and know all of the procedures and measures in place to stop a fire starting. RV Fire Systems can help you make your fire safety advisors the best they can be with all of our fire training that is in line with the regulatory reform order 2005. So let us help you keep your employees safe.