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RV Fire Systems want nothing but the best for our customer that is why we have become an official distributor of Kidde fire safety.

Founded by a man named Walter Kidde who was an early pioneer in smoke detectors and fire suppression, Kidde is one of the world’s largest and leading manufacturers of fire safety products.

Every day they work on expanding the legacy that Walter Kidde started, making sure that we continue to be innovative and provide advanced solutions to keep people and the property they are in safe from fire and fire-related hazards.

Kidde products are found all over the different sectors because their reputation is immaculate, and people trust them to keep them safe. They can be found in homes and businesses all around he globe. Their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help to prevent any injuries and minimise the damage that fire can cause by alerting people to the dangers earlier.

Kidde Fire Safety

The full range of fire extinguishers offered by Kidde equips people, so they are able to stop the spread of a fire before they cause catastrophes and take lives. Kidde’s escape ladders and other safety accessories bring a piece of mind and assurance of being safe in your own home. The key security solutions that Kidde has provided is conveniences and safety in countless applications.

Although they’re a leading manufacturer in fire safety applications and products, Kidde knows that there is more to fire safety than equipment and technology. Collaborating with different fire alarm companies and other businesses means that Kidde can work with other people to create a much safer world to live in.

Kidde knows that the key to understanding how to keep people safe is knowledge, and they are happy to share their expertise with everyone. Also, you need to ensure that the resources needed are available to be use.