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RV Fire Systems distribute a number of different products for fire alarm companies as long as we can guarantee we are giving our customers the best.

This is why we joined forces with EMS – Wireless & Hybrid Fire Detection Solutions.

EMSEMS are the number one in the UK for supplying wireless fire alarm systems and fire detection equipment. Their reputation among the fire safety industry is impeccable, and everyone would recommend them. With nearly 50 years’ experience in wireless, EMS can protect any type of building you ask their product to – no matter how complex the job may seem. EMS can produce cost-effective solutions without all of the costly fuss and trouble that is normally associated with expensive wire.

The company itself are unique because they are able to react rapidly to market and product demands for both EMS as well as their partners.

The highly qualified team at EMS have installed their wireless products in many different kinds of buildings and establishments because they are just that compatible for anyone who wants to have one installed.

EMS FireCell is EN54-25, 3rd party certified which means it also meets all of the current standards making it suitable for any application. It is a fantastic, comprehensive analogue addressable fire detection solution containing a set of features that make it one of the most advanced fire detection systems available – all without any need for a cable. This should let anyone know that they are getting the best fire safety on the market today. If fire training is needed to understand and operate this equipment then RV Fire Systems can sort the out for you.

It’s not only their products that EMS takes seriously, they also like to make sure they always have fully satisfied and happy customers at the end of the day. The staff at EMS makes extra sure that customers are given all of the information needed when they are thinking of having our appliance stored.

We at RV Fire Systems like them so much because they make sure their aftercare is perfect – just like we do.