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Gent Fire Alarm Equipment

RV Fire Systems make a point of keeping our customers are all fully informed when it comes to fire safety as laid down in the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, because it is an ever changing industry that people can find it hard to keep up with if not correctly informed by those who know and understand better.

Because here at RV fire systems we insist in only supplying and installing quality products we can be sure our customers are getting the best and Gent fire alarm equipment is just that.

Synonymous With Quality Gent Fire Alarm Equipment


Many fire alarm companies will agree Gent is synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire detection and alarm industry. They are extremely passionate about developing innovative products so that they become the ones everyone is talking about when it comes to being the best choice for protecting life and property.

Throughout the broad Gent education programme, and their approved system integrators, Gent are committed to delivering safe environments and peace of mind.

When it comes to fire alarm equipment you want to know that you are getting the best you possibly can because fire safety is extremely important. If you choose RV Fire Systems our team will make sure that we get you the best equipment there is today and make sure you are informed about everything that you need to know.

Gent’s brilliant fire detection systems have been developed to the highest possible standards to deliver the most advanced fire detection and alarm systems available in the market today. As a conscientious manufacturer of life safety equipment, Gent believes their responsibility cannot end with the production and sale of their equipment, which is a sentiment RV Fire Systems also echoes. Gent exclusively supplies its equipment to partners who are selected for their ability to deliver the highest quality of service.

At RV Fire Systems we want to provide our customer with products from companies who have the same values and high standards as ourselves which is why we give our customers the Gent fire alarm equipment – because they provide the best fire safety equipment.