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Clitheroe Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

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RV Fire Systems know how seriously you need to take fire safety. This is why for many years we have not only been installing fire alarms for our customers but we have been giving them all of the information they need to know about fire safety – especially since the rules and regulations are always updating for peoples safety and wellbeing.

Traditionally, fire detection devices are not wireless fire alarm systems. But over the past few years people have begun to realise the value of wireless and are installing it into their homes and the workplace.

Wireless Fire Alarm System When Wires Won’t Go

Normally, fire detection systems in industrial and commercial applications have used hard wired installations – because fire alarm commissioning at this time was seen as the better, safer option. These systems are generally installed at the time of construction or refurbishment, making the laying of cables less of an issue. Certain applications do not lend themselves to this approach which is where RV Fire systems can help you.

Examples of applications that aren’t necessarily suited to the hard wired installations are occupied buildings, heritage sites, palaces and annexes. This is where wireless systems provide the ideal solution.Many fire alarm companies are able to offer this same solution but few can give the service levels that R V Fire Systems offer.

No Fuss! No Mess! Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless fire alarm systems are becoming more and more popular because there is no fuss with wiring and they can be applied in more buildings, in less time – which appeals to business because they don’t want work to be continuing for long periods of time.All the systems that are supplied by R V Fire Systems are fully compliant with the latest legislation recommendations in the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 which all businesses must follow.

If you hire RV Fire Systems to help you install your wireless fire alarm systems we can not only help you understand the benefits of not having to use hard wired installations, but we can also make sure that you have all of the right information you need about the systems themselves.

Our engineers at RV Fire Systems have been installing wireless fire alarm systems for many years now and are trained to the highest possible standards. So why not see if we can help you.