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Scarborough Hotel Owners Prosecuted

Scarborough Hotel

Scarborough Hotel Owners Prosecuted

Scarborough Hotel

A Scarborough hotel owner has been prosecuted for failing to meet fire safety standards after an anonymous complaint was made about their building. Daniel Johns Ltd was fined £23,000 plus £2,485 cost and a victim surcharge of £120 and Silver Hopkins Ltd were fined £25,000 plus £2,485 costs and a £120 victim surcharge.

Scarborough Hotel Owners Prosecuted Over Fire Safety Concerns

The anonymous complaint about Marine Residence on Belmont Road, Scarborough, was made to on the Fire and Rescue Service on 9th December 2016. When Fire Safety Officers visited the building they found a number of significant problems:

  • A fire risk assessment had not been undertaken for the premises. The one they had done was incomplete and failed to identify the specific areas of deficiency that were found.
  • The fire alarm system in the building was inappropriate for the premises and could not be heard on the above the lower ground floor. Anyone sleeping in the rooms above the ground floor level would not have heard the alarm if there had been a fire.
  • Many of the fire doors were not fitted with self-closers. Inadequate tumescent seals meant that smoke and fire would have been able to get into the escape route – this would impede a fire evacuation.
  • Some fire doors had an automatic hold open devices but not connected to the fire alarm system so they would have remained open if there was a fire.
  • Storage rooms contained ignition source and were inadequately separated from the means of escape.
  • Routine maintenance and testing of the fire alarm, emergency lighting and other firefighting equipment had been neglected.
  • None of the staff had been trained on fire safety – not even the manager.

After the visit, a prohibition notice was issued, preventing the upper floors from being used, and also an enforcement notice to carry out remedial work by the 23rd of January 2017. The work was actually completed on the 30th March 2017, but after further investigation, Fire Safety Officers charged the building’s owners: Daniel Johns Ltd and Silver Hopkins Ltd.

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