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Notifier Fire Alarm Systems Installed In HSBC Bank Branches Nationwide

Notifier Fire Alarm Systems Installed In HSBC Bank Branches Nationwide

RV Fire Systems were approached to provide state of the art Notifier Fire Alarm Systems for several HSBC Banks as part of a refurbishment program throughout the UK. These jobs were completed on a supply and commission basis with electrical contractors providing the installation service.

HSBC Banks
The branch refurbishments took place throughout the UK including project on the south coast, London, Birmingham and up into Scotland.  The branches were all of different sizes and a number of control panels were utilised from the Notifier Fire Alarm Systems range, including the ID50, ID60 and ID3000 control panels.  The projects for the HSBC banks had Notifier Fire Alarm Systems equipment specified based on their worldwide reputation for high quality, high performance fire detection systems.

Notifier Fire Alarm Systems
Notifier Fire Alarm Systems Installed In HSBC Banks Nationwide

Notifier Fire Alarm Systems Utilsing Wireless Technology

Due to the ornate nature of several of the banking halls in some the bank branches, the wireless detection range from Notifier and HyFire was often used.  This allowed a detector to be positioned on the ceiling areas of the main banking halls without the need to install cables to them.  It was often not practical to install cables to these areas due to covings and decorative features.  The wireless detectors are battery powered and designed to communicate with a loop powered wireless translator unit which communicate with the detector using wireless communications.

We also used several Multi-sensors offerings from Notifier Fire Alarm Systems in areas of the bank with security risks.  The multi-sensor range of detectors are designed to minimise chances of false alarms occuring.

If you have a HSBC project that requires Notifier Fire Alarm Systems equipment please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01200 428 400 or by email on info@rvfiresystems.co.uk

The Notifier Fire Alarm Systems range can be viewed on their website www.notifierfiresystems.co.uk

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