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Fire Safety Responsibilities

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Safety Responsibilities

Fire Safety Responsibilities

In 2005, fire safety risk assessments became the responsibility of business owners. Under the fire safety order, a ‘responsible person’, usually the owner or manager, must make sure that a sufficient assessment is done by a competent person – someone who is trained in fire safety responsibilities and business-specific fire safety risk assessments.

Fire Safety Responsibilities: What Are You Responsible For?

A fire risk assessment is one of the first steps you take to plan, organise, control, monitor and review fire precautions and arrangements. Getting it wrong can lead to disaster. It must cover both the operational and design sides of fire safety. The types of material used and how they protect the building must be considered, along with how the building is compartmentalised and the design of escape routes. The operational side includes, for example, weekly fire alarm checks and evacuation checks every six months. In the past, the service would visit businesses every year or two to point out errors, but now the onus is on the business owner or manager.

Fire Safety Responsibilities: Five steps of a fire risk assessment

  • Identify the fire hazards
  • Identify which people are at risk
  • Evaluate, remove, reduce and protect people from risk
  • Record, plan, inform, instruct and train
  • Perform regular reviews

Fire Safety Risk Assessments – Independent Experts

Many businesses prefer to select a third party to carry out a fire risk assessment. You should look for a company who is competent – with assessors with a qualification equivalent to a Level 4 Certificate in Fire Safety. It’s also important to make sure that they are current in their knowledge and show evidence of continuous professional development.

RV Fire Systems Fire Safety Experts

For expert advice on BS5839 compliant fire safety, fire training and the supply and installation of fire safety, fire detection and firefighting equipment in the North West call RV Fire Systems on a local number below:-

Clitheroe Fire Safety Advisors:- 01200 439333

Blackburn Fire Safety Advisors:- 01254 367611

Blackpool Fire Safety Advisors:- 01253 804199

Preston Fire Safety Advisors:- 01772 970411

Manchester Fire SafetyAdvisors:- 0161 8260480