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Which Fire Escape Signs?

Fire Escape Signs

Which Fire Escape Signs?

Fire Escape Signs

BS EN ISO 7010, relating to graphical symbols, safety sign colours and registered safety sign types was adopted in the UK in 2013 when it replaced British Standard BS5499-5. It can be confusing which fire escape signs to use so we have created this guide to help you be fire safety compliant.

Which fire escape signs? A quick guide to BS EN ISO 7010

It is a Code of Practice, generally affecting only new products. It is linked to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations of 1996, (or the Safety Signs Regulations) which implemented EC Directive 92/58/EEC. No plans have been announced to update them to incorporate BS EN ISO 7010, so you do not have to replace all your existing safety signs.

What do the new fire escape signs look like?

Very familiar: Before 1996, the standard for fire escape signs was set out in BS5499. A running man was later added to the signs and the Safety Signs Regulations brought a new fire escape sign with an “ice-cream box”. In guidance on the regulations published in 2009, businesses were advised they could continue to use the old BS5499-5 fire escape signage if they wished. In fact, BS5499-5 was used as the basis for BS EN ISO 7010, so if you kept the old signs then they are back in fashion!

What should building managers do?

You are not required to replace any existing signs. However, it is best not to mix types of sign. The guidance recommends consistent style and design throughout a building. It is not illegal to mix sign types, but consistency is important – especially in public buildings. If you’re opening a new building, then you should go with the new standard.

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