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Sprinkler System vs Water Mist System

Fire Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System vs Water Mist System

Sprinkler System
What is the difference between a sprinkler system and a water mist fire suppression system? Which should you choose for your building?

Which Is Better Sprinkler System or Water Mist System

Here are some of the pros and cons of each type:

  • Water mist systems discharge less water than sprinkler systems.
  • Damage to property and clean up is less with water mist suppression
  • The average water mist droplet has a surface area that is 100 times greater than the volume of water released from a sprinkler system, so they offer more effective fire suppression.
  • Because of the large volumes of water required for sprinklers, a large tank or even a pump house is required. For water mist, cylinders or small standalone tanks can be used.
  • Water mist enables ‘smoke washing’ – smoke particles attach to the droplets and fall to the floor, eliminating its spread through the building.
  • Water mist suppression is not suitable for larger areas.
  • Water mist droplets can be blown away by air conditioning or a breeze from open doors which reduces effectiveness.

The major difference between sprinklers and mist systems is that a sprinkler system has standards for the components of the system and their design and installation, whereas, at the moment, water mist systems do not.

Current Standards

There is currently no published British Standard for water mist fire protection systems or the components. Existing water mist standards exist, such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 750 Standard on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Standards but these are not directly applicable to land-based applications in the UK. A European water mist technical specification (CEN TS 14972) has been published, but it has not been adopted in the UK.

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