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MP Raises Questions after Hospital Fire

Hospital Fire

MP Raises Questions after Hospital Fire

Hospital Fire

A fire at University Hospital, Coventry, came just 18 months after a report revealed it had been built without the “proper fire protection”. Read our article in full to find out more about this hospital fire and the MP raising questions…

MP Raises Questions after Hospital Fire

Member of Parliament for Coventry North West, Geoffrey Robinson, asked for an urgent meeting with the hospital’s chief executive – Professor Andy Hardy – to identify if remedial work identified in 2016 was carried out. The report followed an investigation by West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service, and it found holes in fire compartment walls all over the site. The £380m hospital was completed in 2006 and the report that the fire safety work and three others in the Midlands would take two years and cost £47m.

Mr Robinson said that fire safety concerns were identified two years ago and questioned whether the fire could have been prevented. He said: “We know the pressures that the NHS is under” but asked if the private finance initiative developer was quick enough to address the fire safety concerns. He said he has written to the hospital’s chief executive asking for an urgent meeting to enquire whether the fire safety work was completed and if not – why not?

A hospital spokesperson said that the fire was not connected to the fire safety work, saying that the incident was in an adjacent building to the main site. There were no injuries and the fire service dealt with the blaze quickly.

As well as the MP’s intervention, a local councillor at Coventry City Council, Mr Kamran Caan also had an urgent meeting with fire officers. He thanked everyone on the site –firefighters, hospital staff, patients and visitors for the dealing with the situation so well. He said: ‘It is a relief that only slight damage was caused by the fire at the hospital no injuries were caused to patients or staff. It is a testament to the hospital’s emergency procedures and fast action, along with the response of the fire service. I have held an urgent meeting with senior fire officers, who praised the hospital’s staff following guidelines and taking patients to safety, so the fire service could get on with putting the fire out”

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