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How To Stay Safe On Bonfire Night

How To Stay Safe On Bonfire Night

How To Stay Safe On Bonfire Night

How To Stay Safe On Bonfire Night

Remember the 5th of November is a time for fun, but also a time of increased fire risk. Statistics show that more than 4,500 people visit A&E each year due to firework-related injuries. Read our article on How To Stay Safe On Bonfire Night now…

How To Stay Safe On Bonfire Night

Care and preparation are needed to avoid accidents. Here are some bonfire night safety tips.

Light Fireworks Safely

  • Fireworks are dangerous so handle them with care.
  • Make sure there are no flammable materials in the area of the firework display.
  • Keep a small powder fire extinguisher and bucket of water to hand.
  • Once a firework has been lit, stand well back and don’t return to the area until it has gone off.
  • Store used fireworks in the bucket of water.
  • When the wet fireworks are fully cooled, they can go in the bin.
  • Keep sparklers away from small children, and make sure anyone holding them is wearing gloves
  • Keep a first aid kit close by, quick action on a burn can reduce its seriousness. If anyone does get burned, cool it immediately by immersing it fully in cold water, and protect it with a sterile bandage while they seek medical treatment.

Building a Bonfire

  • The location is important: You need to choose somewhere that is open and not too windy. Ideally, it should to be a minimum of eighteen metres away from any building, fence, hedge or tree.
  • Construct your bonfire with clean, dry wood
  • Before lighting it, make sure no animals have crawled inside.
  • Never add hazardous materials or flammable liquids to start the fire
  • Have a hosepipe to hand and ready to operate in case something goes wrong.
  • Once the fire is lit, never leave it unattended: fire spreads quickly
  • Keep children and pets away.
  • When the night is over, fully extinguish the fire with plenty of water.

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