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Hot Work Safety

Hot Work Safety

Hot Work Safety

Hot Work Safety

The majority of construction sites require the use of hot work at some point. These jobs involve burning, welding, or another fire or spark-producing tool such as soldering, welding, grinding or fitting torch-applied felt roofing. Read our hot work safety article for more information…

Hot Work Safety

Every year, there are more than 1000 hot-work-related injuries. Plus, hot works are obviously a fire hazard, so a hot work permit is required before you carry them out, whether it’s you, your employees or a contractor doing the work.

Hot Work Permit

A hot work permit is mainly to make sure that all the possible precautions have been taken before the work. It must be monitored and carried out by a trained individual. The environment must be clean and safe; all combustible materials must be removed, and the equipment used must be in good condition. Workers must have easy access to an appropriate fire extinguisher and PPE (personal protective equipment) and know how to raise the fire alarm. Once completed, all work must be carried out in line with the permit.

What Equipment You Need

Workers need the correct PPE:

  • Suitable gloves
  • Clothing protection
  • A full face shield
  • Possibly a mask or respirator if fumes or dust will be produced.

Welding blankets made of coated glass fibre are effective at providing protection from sparks, and molten metal. They can be capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1000°C.

In small areas, a 2kg powder fire extinguisher will be sufficient to tackle a small fire and covers all the common classes of fire. Keep it close by in case it is needed. You may also keep a fire blanket handy as it is convenient for smothering small fires before they get out of control.

RV Fire Systems Fire Safety Experts

For expert advice on all aspects of fire safety, fire safety training and the supply and installation of the best fire safety, fire detection and firefighting equipment in the North West call us at RV Fire Systems on one of our local numbers below:-

Clitheroe Fire Extinguishers Specialist:- 01200 439333

Manchester Fire Extinguishers Specialist:- 0161 8260480

Blackburn Fire Extinguishers Specialist:- 01254 367611

Blackpool Fire Extinguishers Specialist:- 01253 804199

Preston Fire Extinguishers Specialist:- 01772 970411