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Guide To Ionisation Detectors

Ionisation Detectors

Guide To Ionisation Detectors

Ionisation Detectors

Twice as many people die from breathing smoke than die from burns in a fire. That is why smoke detectors and ionisation detectors are so important in your fire alarm system.

A guide to smoke detectors – Ionisation detectors

These are suitable for most residences and offices. Ionisation smoke detectors monitor electrically charged particles in the air. If any smoke enters the device, an imbalance is created. When particles from combustion enter the detector, they obstruct the flow of the electric current and set off an alarm.

Ionisation smoke detectors respond quickly to fast flaming fires, and so they are best suited for areas with a highly combustible material such as paint, cooking fat or other flammable liquids. They are relatively inexpensive. They are one of the most popular types of smoke detector.

Although ionisation detectors usually react quicker to fire than photoelectric detectors, they are sometimes unable to differentiate between smoke and steam, so beware of false alarms.

Video smoke detection

Video smoke detection is recommended for use in:

  • Large areas
  • Outdoors
  • Areas where being able to see a developing fire could be important (such as tunnels)

Video smoke detection works through the computer analysis of video images from CCTV cameras. It automatically identifies the motion patterns of smoke and alerts the system operator. Video Smoke Detection systems can be installed in places such as historic buildings, road tunnels, warehouses and aircraft hangars. Some only detect smoke, but others can also detect flames.

Although expensive, some of the benefits of video detection include the ability to:

  • Be used outdoors (e.g. in public places)
  • Protect a large area
  • Immediately view how a fire is developing
  • Carefully analyse images to identify fire risks
  • Archive images or video footage for later assessment and fire investigations

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