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Guide To Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler System

Guide To Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Look up at the ceiling of almost any public building, and you’ll see fire sprinkler systems. To the untrained eye, all sprinkler systems are the same as each other. However, this is not these. There are actually several different types of fire sprinkler system. Even the material used to put out the fire (the “extinguishant”) will vary according to the building’s environment and temperature.

A guide to Fire sprinkler systems

The familiar modern sprinkler system originated in a design by Hiram Stevens Maxim in the 19th century. When the patent ran out, the design was used by Henry S Parmalee in 1874 in order to protect his piano factory from fire. Modern sprinkler systems all stem from this design, and there are now a total of eight different varieties of sprinkler taps.

Sprinkler tap designs

The eight types of sprinkler taps are:

  • Conventional
  • Upright
  • Horizontal sidewall
  • Concealed horizontal sidewall
  • Vertical sidewall
  • Pendant
  • Recessed pendant
  • Concealed pendant

The sprinkler taps that most laypersons are familiar with are the conventional upright versions.  Such conventional systems have a spherical distribution system which points down to the ground a bit like a showerhead.

Pendant sprinkler systems are similar, though they have nozzles pointing downwards, but they are recessed, so they are concealed and less intrusive. The concealed pendant is discreet and has a baffle that masks the nozzle.  This makes them a popular choice for offices and public buildings.

The horizontal and vertical types of sidewall sprinklers (including the concealed horizontal sidewall versions) are more advanced and have more functions than a standard sprinkler system.

RV Fire Systems

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