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Guide To Fire Aspiration Detection Systems

Guide To Fire Aspiration Detection Systems

Guide To Fire Aspiration Detection Systems

Guide To Fire Aspiration Detection Systems

In automatic fire detection systems, fire aspiration detection technology offers five benefits that make it more effective than the traditional solutions.

  1. It achieves ultra-high sensitivity and false alarm immunity
  2. It cuts costs by enabling routine maintenance to be done outside the protected area.
  3. It extends protection to challenging environments with high levels of dust or dirt.
  4. It provides more than one communication channel
  5. It looks better as there is no need for visible smoke detector units

Fire aspiration detection systems

Technology advances in improved filtration and enhanced communications are changing the capabilities of aspiration detection systems. They were once regarded as a specialist technology for high-value, critical infrastructure, but now offer a highly effective means of detection across a range of applications.

Where can aspiration detection systems be used?

Critical facilities – The latest aspiration technologies deliver ultra-high sensitivity with false alarm immunity — essential for early warning and service continuity in datacentres.

Areas with high levels of dust and dirt – The latest systems have sophisticated filtering techniques to remove large particles but still allow the products of combustion to pass through.

Areas with Restricted access – Aspiration extends protection to areas like lift shafts and ceiling ducts, where installation and maintenance of normal detectors is difficult or impossible. Lifts don’t need to be deactivated for smoke detector testing.

Large spaces – Aspiration detection effective option for protecting high-racking warehouses. It solves the issues with testing and maintenance associated with smoke detectors that are installed at very high levels

Historic buildings – discreet sampling pipes in a protected area and a remote aspiration detection unit provides an unobtrusive way to protect listed properties.

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