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Guide To Aspirating Smoke Detectors

Guide To Aspirating Smoke Detectors

Guide To Aspirating Smoke Detectors

Guide To Aspirating Smoke Detectors

The dangers of smoke inhalation can be underestimated, but it is a sad fact that twice as many people die from breathing smoke than die from burns in a fire. Smoke and gases from a fire spread further and more quickly than the heat from the flames. 

Smoke detectors are effective pieces of fire safety equipment that form the first line of defence against smoke by providing an early warning of fire. More than three-quarters of deaths by fire occur in the home, with more than half occurring in buildings that do not have working smoke detectors. If you install smoke detectors, you can reduce the risk of dying in a fire by almost 50%.

Commercial and industrial smoke detection devices generally work by issuing a signal to the main fire alarm system, whereas domestic detectors usually issue only a local audible or visual alarm.

A guide to smoke detectors  – Aspirating smoke detectors

These are recommended for use in:

  • Data centres
  • Listed buildings
  • Buildings with high-ceilings
  • Warehouses
  • Anywhere where an early warning is required

Aspirating smoke detection systems are extremely sensitive and are able to detect very small, or still smouldering fires quicker than most other systems. They work by using a fan to draw in samples of the air in a building into a network of pipes. The air is passed through a precision detector that analyses it and then generates a warning signal if it detects any smoke particles.

They are expensive to install and maintain, but these systems can detect cool smoke (which does not rise to the ceiling), as well as smouldering fires and the particles given off by electrical cables when they are overloaded. They are especially useful where early warning is required and are suitable for sensitive installations, such as data centres, and also for high ceiling spaces, such as in warehouses.

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