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What You Should Know About Fire Safety Stickers

Fire Safety Stickers

What You Should Know About Fire Safety Stickers

Fire Safety Stickers
Owners and managers of public buildings and places of work are responsible by law for putting up certain regulatory fire safety signs and fire safety stickers – heavy fines and penalties are doled out to those who fail to carry out this obligation under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005.

Fire safety stickers

People working in or visiting the building are encouraged to read and understand the instructions on these fire safety stickers. If they are located in the right places, they can help prevent accidents and save lives by warning people about potential fire hazards or to give directions in the event of a fire. They highlight the nearest fire extinguishers, fire alarm call points and escape routes to the nearest fire exit. The labels can also be used to display instructions on how to use a piece of fire-fighting equipment. Fire safety stickers are usually printed with relevant information, and there will be spaces for you enter information specific to your building – such as the way to get an outside phone line to call the fire brigade’s telephone number or the nearest fire assembly point. 

Colour-coded stickers

BS 5499 dictates the colours of various types of fire safety sign and sticker in the United Kingdom. Each sign has text, and often a pictogram – such as a “running man” symbol on a fire exit sign.

  • Fire exit signs are coloured green and white.
  • A blue sign indicates a mandatory action, such as “keep shut” on a fire door.
  • A red fire safety sign indicates a prohibition (e.g. “no smoking), a warning (e.g. “hazardous materials” or “do not use the lift in case of fire) and the location of fire equipment.

RV Fire Systems Fire Safety Experts

For expert advice on all aspects of fire safety, fire safety training and the supply and installation of the best fire safety, fire detection and firefighting equipment in the North West call us at RV Fire Systems on a local number below:-

Clitheroe Fire Safety Signage Advisors:- 01200 439 333

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