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Fire Safety Order Simplified!

Fire Safety Order Simplified

Fire Safety Order Simplified!

Fire Safety Order Simplified

Do you find fire safety laws daunting? Or do you need a refresh of the main points in the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO)? If so, our ‘Fire Safety Order Simplified’ article will provide you with a summary of the Fire Safety Act should help you to determine if your workplace is compliant with fire safety legislation. 

The Fire Safety Order Simplified

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, is also known as the Fire Safety Act. It states that anyone with responsibility for a business has to ensure reasonable steps are taken to reduce the risk of fire and, in the event of a fire, people in the building can escape safely. Almost every kind of building is subject to the order. It does not apply to domestic dwellings unless they are HMOs (houses of multiple occupancies).

What are the Requirements of the RRO?

First, a Fire Risk Assessment has to be completed. A Fire Risk Assessment evaluates the condition of the premises, the contents of the building (so you can identify potential fire hazards, sources of ignition and any combustible materials), and the escape routes from it in the event of a fire.

The assessment also should take into consideration who works in the building, fire safety signage, existing procedures for fire prevention and management, and the condition and maintenance schedule of any fire safety equipment.

You must make sure that all of the fire safety equipment in your workplace is operational and in full working order, so if there is a fire the risk of damage and loss of life is minimised.

RV Fire Systems

If you need help understanding or complying with the RRO, then call RV Fire Systems. We are specialists in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and routine maintenance of all types of fire alarm systems throughout the North West and the rest of the United Kingdom. Call us today to find out more about our other intelligent fire safety products.

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