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Fire Safety Labels – What You Should Know!

Fire Safety Stickers

Fire Safety Labels – What You Should Know!

Fire Safety Labels

Fire safety labels and signs are there to display, both in words and pictures, useful fire safety advice. You will see them displayed in buildings and attached to furniture but never take them for granted. After all fire safety labels are put there to save lives.

Fire safety labels

Fire safety labels on furniture indicate the ignition resistance of the item. They must be attached to all new furniture, except mattresses, pillows, bed bases, scatter cushions, loose or stretch covers and seat pads. The label must be attached to the furniture in a prominent place, so it is clearly visible to a potential purchaser. The wording must be easily read from either side. You should read these labels and never remove them: If you want to sell the piece of furniture on, many charities and other organisations will only accept furniture with fire safety labels properly attached.

Fire exit signs

Fire exit signs are optional for small residential properties or premises that are not used for business purposes, but in larger buildings, they are very important in order to show people the location of their nearest exit. All fire doors must carry a standard “Fire door, keep shut” sticker. Green signs should clearly indicate the fire assembly points.

Firefighting equipment locations

If there is a fire, it is crucial that the building’s occupants know where to find appropriate firefighting equipment in case of an emergency. All workers or other occupants of the building should be given basic fire safety training so that they know the correct procedure to follow if there is a fire.

RV Fire Systems Fire Safety Experts

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