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Fire Risk Assessment Guidelines

Fire Risk Assessment Guidelines

Fire Risk Assessment Guidelines

Fire Risk Assessment Guidelines

A requirement to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment is placed by law on certain people by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. Find out who they are and learn more about fire risk assessment guidelines in our article below.

Fire Risk Assessment Guidelines

The following all need a fire risk assessment:

  • all businesses with 5 or more employees (including part-time workers)
  • all business premises that are visited by the public
  • landlords with control over business premises
  • landlords of HMO properties
  • self-employed people working from dedicated business premises

What does a Fire Risk Assessment entail?

A Fire Risk Assessment has to cover your entire business premises and evaluates:

  • the condition and age of the building
  • the building’s layout
  • the contents of the building – in order to identify potential fire hazards, possible sources of ignition and any combustible materials
  • escape routes

The assessment takes into consideration who works in the building, current fire safety signage, protocols for fire prevention and management, fire safety training and drills, and all fire safety equipment including its condition and maintenance.

After the assessment, a Fire Risk Assessment Report is produced. This details any areas that are not compliant with legislation and which need urgent attention, plus recommendations for improvements in fire safety. It helps to ensure you meet the regulatory requirements.

Who can do a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment must be conducted by a “competent person”. Many people choose fire safety experts such as RV Fire Systems to ensure it is done properly.

How long does the Fire Risk Assessment last?

There is no fixed expiry date but it is your responsibility to review and update the report regularly. You need a new Fire Risk Assessment if:

  • there have been any material alterations to the building
  • there are any significant changes to the contents, use or layout of the building
  • there’s a significant change in fire risk
For more information about fire risk assessment guidelines speak with one of our local fire safety advisors on one of the numbers below:-

Clitheroe Fire Risk Assessment Advisors:- 01200 439333

Blackburn Fire Risk Assessment Advisors:- 01254 367611

Blackpool Fire Risk Assessment Advisors:- 01253 804199

Preston Fire Risk Assessment Advisors:- 01772 970411

Manchester Fire Risk Assessment Advisors:- 0161 8260480