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Fire Doors Explained

Fire Doors Explained

Fire Doors Explained

Fire Doors Explained

Fire doors save lives. They are tested against the elements and are purpose-built to withstand fire for as long as possible. Read our fire doors explained article to find out more about how they work.

Fire doors explained: A beginner’s guide

Fire doors have vital safety features that can make the difference between life and death. For owners of commercial or non-domestic properties, there are strict regulations and guidelines to be followed. The doors must withstand certain temperatures.

Here are some of the key fire door features to look out for:-

  • Fire doors are made up of a number of components. The door itself is usually solid timber, but the frame can include windows made of fire-resistant glass.
  • Around the edges of the door is an intumescent seal, which expands when temperatures are above 200°C. When it expands, it seals the gap between the door and the frame.
  • For commercial properties, liability lies with the ‘responsible person’ for that property, who is often the employer.
  • Risk assessments against fire must be carried out, and it is a good idea to get professional help from an expert team like RV Fire Systems to make sure you meet all fire regulations. There is a lot more to fire safety than fire doors; the escape routes, emergency lighting, fire detection and warning systems and firefighting equipment checks are important too.
  • When you are choosing a fire door, it is important to know what all the different specifications mean. An FD code shows you how many minutes a door can withstand fire – for example, FD20 means the door has been tested to withstand fire for 20 minutes. The most common code is FD30.
• About 42% of deaths in fires are not from contact with the flames, but from the consumption of smoke. Keep an eye out for a door that is fitted with cold smoke seals if this is a risk for your premises. These are contained within the intumescent seal.

RV Fire Systems

RV Fire Systems are experts in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and routine maintenance of all types of fire alarm and fire safety systems in the North West and all over the United Kingdom. For more information about fire doors speak with one of our local fire safety advisors on one of the numbers below:-

Clitheroe Fire Alarms & Fire Doors Specialist:- 01200 439333

Blackburn Fire Alarms & Fire Doors Specialist:- 01254 367611

Blackpool Fire Alarms & Fire Doors Specialist:- 01253 804199

Preston Fire Alarms & Fire Doors Specialist:- 01772 970411

Manchester Fire Alarms & Fire Doors Specialist:- 0161 8260480