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Fairy Lights Fire Safety

Fairy Lights Fire Safety

Fairy Lights Fire Safety

Fairy Lights Fire Safety

Little gives a more Christmassy feeling than a house lit up with fairy lights. But are fairy lights safe or are they a fire risk. Read our fairy lights fire safety article now…

Fairy Lights Fire Safety

Just like any electrical item, fairy lights need to be treated with common sense. But you can use them safely if you follow a few basic pieces of advice.

Fairy Lights Fire Safety – Low Voltage Means Lower Risk

Older, mains fairy lights, running at 240v, are dangerous if they get damaged. A blown bulb can electrocute you, and the bulbs tend to become very hot. Change blown bulbs quickly, with the power switched off and unplugged. Never place them near combustible materials, like trees – especially real Christmas trees as they dry out. It’s better to use modern, low-voltage LED lights. They are cool to the touch and the bulbs last a long time, are less likely to break and use 10% of the energy. A downside of LED lights is the transformer, which can get warm itself. To prevent a fire hazard, make sure air can circulate around it.

Fairy Lights Fire Safety – Keep Cables Clear

Cables are a trip hazard, so place them with care. Avoid hiding them under carpets, though, as this can cause unseen wear. Never overload sockets and switch lights off if you leave the house or go to sleep.  If lights are outside, use an RCD (Residual Current Device) to automatically switch the lights off if there is a short circuit.

Fairy Lights Fire Safety – The Basics

  • When you unpack your lights from storage, check them for signs of damage. If you find any, replace them.
  • Check and change the batteries in all your smoke alarms before Christmas.
  • Keep a small extinguisher suitable for electrical fires to hand in case you need to tackle a small fire.
  • Make a plan for what to do in the event of a fire and teach your family.

RV Fire Systems Fire Safety Experts

For expert advice on all aspects of fire safety, fire safety training and the supply and installation of the best fire safety, fire detection and firefighting equipment in the North West call us at RV Fire Systems on a local number below:-

Clitheroe Fire Safety Advisors:- 01200 439333

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Manchester Fire SafetyAdvisors:- 0161 8260480