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Clarence Hotel Fire

Clarence Hotel Fire

Clarence Hotel Fire

Clarence Hotel Fire

A 50-page report into a fire at the Royal Clarence Hotel fire has been issued by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.

Clarence Hotel Fire

The review is on behalf of the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority and aims to provide Devon and Somerset residents with facts about the incident. The fire spread undetected through voids and other channels in the hotel, but the report found no evidence to suggest that the management and staff of the hotel could have done more. It says that due to their actions there were no injuries and the staff members involved received a Chief Fire Officer’s Certificate of Commendation for their actions on 28 October 2016.

Prevention and protection visits

The report states that before the fire, fire officers had undertaken site visits to the hotel, the most recent being the 7th December 2015. The visits identified firefighting risks with voids; dumbwaiters and staircases as well as more common risks associated with older buildings.

Report recommendations

The recommendations in the report relate to fixed firefighting equipment and detection systems, but there are no recommendations for improving fire separation. The second part relates to a review of fire regulations. Had automatic fire detection systems been installed in the roof spaces then the path of the fire could have been followed as it progressed, instead of being discovered too late. A recent study states that fire protection of concealed spaces is important because deficiencies in installation and materials are not apparent and may be covered over. The building’s users can not see the inadequacies in its fire protection.

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