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Care Home Fire Risks

Care Home Fire Risks

Care Home Fire Risks

Care Home Fire Risks

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has found that only one in a hundred care homes that has a fire have sprinklers fitted. Read our article in full for more information about care home fire risks…

Care Home Fire Risks

The figures show that, on average, there is a fire every day in buildings housing vulnerable people, and the service has called for automatic fire suppression systems to be installed in all care homes as well as high rise flats and schools. Out of over 400 fires in hostels, care homes and sheltered housing, sprinklers were installed in only five buildings. Three fires resulted in fatalities, and 53 people were injured. So far this year, there have been nearly 70 fires in such buildings.

Sprinklers Save Lives

The LFB has called for all new residential developments over 18m high to be fitted with sprinklers, and for existing blocks to be retrofitted with them. It says sprinklers should be mandatory in new school builds and refurbishments, and they should be fitted in all care homes and sheltered accommodation. It strongly advocates adding sprinkler systems to homes occupied by vulnerable people and all residential properties over 18m in height. They continue to promote installing sprinklers in all heritage buildings, basements and warehouses in the London area.

LFB Assistant Commissioner, Dan Daly said: ‘It is a tragic fact that many fires involve vulnerable people with mobility or health issues that mean they cannot escape even small fires. They may suffer injuries before the fire brigade is called. We need to ensure appropriate protection measures are in place to safeguard these people. Fire suppression systems should be part of those considerations.”

RV Fire Systems Fire Safety Experts

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