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5 Step Fire Door Checklist

Fire Doors Explained

5 Step Fire Door Checklist

5 Step Fire Door Checklist

Fire doors are usually the first line of defence in premises against the spread of smoke and fire. That is why it is important that they are maintained and checked on a regular basis. Here are five simple fire door checks you can undertake on a regular basis that will ensure your fire doors are safe. Read our 5 step fire door checklist and ensure you are compliant…

Fire Door Checklist Step 1 – Certification

Check for a label on the top or side of the door. Without this certification mark, you can’t be sure it is actually a fire door. You can use a mirror or camera phone if it is hard to see.

Fire Door Checklist Step 2 – Gaps

Check that the gaps around the door are less than 4mm when the door is closed. The gap beneath the door can be a little larger (up to 8mm). Ideally, you should not be able to see any light under the door. If the gaps are too big, smoke and fire could travel through them. Use a one pound coin to get a feel for scale; they are about 3mm in thickness.

Fire Door Checklist Step 3 – Seals

Check the intumescent seals around the door or frame are intact. They will expand if they come into contact with heat, to stop the fire smoke getting through.

Fire Door Checklist Step 4 – Hinges

Check hinges are firmly fixed and that there are at least three of them. If the door has not been properly maintained, in the intensity of fire, it will not perform properly.

Fire Door Checklist Step 5 – Closure

Check the door closes onto the latch firmly without sticking. A fire door only works properly when closed. To test it, open it about half way and let it close by itself.

RV Fire Systems Fire Door Checklist

RV Fire Systems are specialists in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and routine maintenance of all types of fire alarm systems in the North West and across the United Kingdom. Call us today on a local number below to find out more about our other intelligent fire safety products:-

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